In 2016, we are moving in a different direction with providing IT support and solution for all levels of business and consumer technology challenges.  With technology changes avery 2-3 months, it becomes a challenge for the average consumer, small business owner and corporate business to find the right IT solution or support.  Over the past few years, we have witnessed the growth in the need for professional, educated and experienced individuals within the IT sector.  This growth has provided a broad example for the need to move in a more unified direction with providing IT support and solutions to current and future clients.  Below are a few areas in which we want to obtain individuals to applied for the right IT support and solutions for locations between Syracuse, Utica, Albany and surrounding areas.

- OS/iOS Support: Windows, OS X, Android, iPhone

- Network Support: Switches, LAN, VPN (Internal and External)

- Hardware Support: Desktops, Servers, Tablets

- Server Support: Windows, OS X, Linux, RedHat

- Remote Support

Certifications are always recommended and a plus.

The Technology Resource Group, will be comprised of various individuals or a group of existing support companies gathered together to provided the optimal IT support and solutions.  Each person or group will be an important part of the overall purpose of providing professional service throughout Central New York.  In addition within this collaboration, individuals or groups can become beneficial to assisting with the development of skills sets across the different areas of IT.  Individuals who are landing into the IT field to begin their career, can benefit from the group.

The purpose of the Technology Resource Group is to develop a large range of support resources for existing and future clients. A select amount of individuals who can assist with future projects, client support and other aspects of servicing businesses for their technology needs, will be valued by many.  The focus of the group will be ranging from small to large scale support and solution on many levels within IT.  To accomplish this, we need solid, dedicated, positive, professional individuals and existing technology companies who will work parallel with our group to provide the results we are aiming to accomplish for our clients.

If you are able and willing travel within the Central New York or beyond, work late/after hours or available on weekends.  Let us know your availability, submit your resume and other corresponding documentation (i.e. certifications, work history).  Other companies wanting to expand their resources or client base, are encouraged to join us. All information is confidential and a followup will proceed after the communicating with us.

Contact Christopher Thornton @ 315-982-8954 or email:

Looking forward to hearing from you. - Thank you